Dueland Alpha 1.0

Presentation :

We finally released our Alpha 1.0, after the Pre-Alpha that was only available in the game's official Discord server (link in description), if you missed it, it had the building feature, but no PvP, it was basically a DEMO of the game.

Adds in the new update :

-Added an inventory system.

-Added Death and PvP.

-Added a healthbar system.

-Added two new biomes to the map, the snowy biome and desert.

-Admins now have a yellow nametag, and moderators have a green one.

Fixes in the new update :

-Fixed the ability to place blocks on top of the player.

In development fixes :

-Fixed the ability to kill yourself, that would've got abused very quickly to gain quick score.

-Fixed a game-breaking bug that didn't update the score for the player, but did for others.

-Fixed the bug that didn't register your score.


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Oct 10, 2017

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