A downloadable game for Windows

Dueland is an MMO PvP game, where you can challenge your friends on the leaderboard and square off in the battleground ! You can also build and explore the limited world (soon will be infinite) and use your imagination to create the best creations.

Here's a the official game's Discord server, check it out for more info and to chat with other community members :


Install instructions

1- Dowload the game from itch.io.

2- Open up the installer.

3- Make sure to check the "Make a desktop shortcut" to make the game easier to find.

4- SKABOOSH ! You're pretty much done, you just need to open up the game and play !


Dueland (3 MB)

Development log


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Hey, I wanted just to stop by just to tell you that this game is really awesome ! And I can see a lot of potential, I love the basic artstyle, to be honest with ya it deserves more players, because when I played it I barely found someone to play with, and you should also add more gameplay/playability to the game, maybe some items or a shop, keep it up !

Thank You!